16 Ideas for your beauty blog

Hey guys, so I decided to write a post on how to generate ideas for blog post. It’s not everytime you have an idea of what to write. We are constantly thinking and trying to come up with creative ideas. Writers block is very common and to be honest annoying. Because no matter how hard you think- nothing, absolutely nothing.

If your a blogger, then you’re in luck. If i were you I’d get a pen and paper or you could write it down in a note on your phone. And you should always have this on you to jot down useful tips. You never know where or when an idea pops into your head. A great way to get ideas is by connecting with other bloggers, following MUA’s.

Here are some tips:

  • Write a list: like this one. 5 ways to….
  • How to’s.
  • Make a wishlist.
  • Lookbook – of events like birthdays, or global event (Christmas), graduation.
  • OOTD – outfit of the day.
  • or even OOTW- out of all the outfits you wore through out the week, pick the best and maybe the worst.
  • Worst oufits you’ve worn so far.
  • Display your favorite and best outfit in your wordrope.
  • Write a review of a beauty product.
  •  Tutorials.
  • DIY’s.
  • list of your favourite MUAS, musicians, celebrity stylists/ crush.
  • Your favorite beauty products.
  • Recommend beauty products used by you- share your secret to that flawless skin.
  • Share experiences- the food you ate at a nice restaurant, a place you visited.
  • List of your favorite designers.

Thanks for reading.


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