DIY + How I clean my makeup brushes

I’m going to share my DIY on how I wash my makeup brush set.

Cleaning your makeup brush should be something you do every time you make use of your brushes. The brush becomes oily and really dirty -it won’t be wise to use without washing. You would be applying dirt together with your makeup on your face. Which makes washing it very important.

First get a bottle of olive oil + shampoo. Which is very easy to get. images (10)

Mix the oil and shampoo together in a bowl.  Then place the brushes in bowl. You can use your hand also for this next step. images (8)

Swirl the brush in the palm of your hand or in the bowl. Do not scatter the bristles. Do this until the makeup comes off the brush. Then rinse by placing the brush under a running (7)

When you’re done lay it down on a table to dry. There you have it. As good as new.

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