4 Makeup looks- Everyone Is Doing It!

Glamour, style and beauty maketh a woman. Everyone is on that latest fashion and beauty magazine, no one wants to be in last place.

I’m not all about the rainbow coloured eyeshadow. I’m more of a natural but fierce kinda gal. But I’ve got five looks everyone is copying.

  1. Smokey lookimages (11)it’s daring, it’s dark, it’s smokey.  It gives that illuminating tone to the eyes.
  2. Butterfly lashesimages (12) who doesn’t love long flattering eyelashes. I do.
  3. Bold lipsimages (13)Full lips is what every girl wants ever since Kylie jenner got hers. No need to go to the doctor; it’s pretty easy to do. All you gotta do is use a lip liner by tracing outside your lip line just a bit, then fill in with your lipstick, touch up with your concealer for a bolder look. Simple right?

Double magic wing linerimages (14)I just love this double liner look. After drawing a winged line on the upper eye lid, draw a second line just under it.

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