My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I’ve been out for a while- back to school.

When I’m heading to class, I apply my makeup really early like an hour before class starts. The reason is simple; I take my time applying my makeup so my makeup doesn’t look all messy.

Here is how I begin.

I start by applying my primer all over my face. I do this before I get my brows done. After I apply the primer on, I start with my brows by drawing a line under, making a nice arc; then I do the same for the top and I make sure it doesn’t look too shaped like a square shape. When I’m done with that I fill it in to make it really dark, then I take my spooly to brush it a little. Then I conceal it and blend to hide any harsh lines.

The next step, I apply my foundation. Now I also apply it on my neck to blend. You do this especially if it isn’t your color. I don’t normally apply eyeshadow when I’m heading to class so I move to the next step which is to line the eyes. I apply a black eye pencil under the eye, then I draw the wings- sometimes thin, sometimes fat. Then I use my mascara to finish up the eye.  When I’m done I apply a lighter shade of concealer to highlight and blend it in. I do the same with a darker concealer. After I use my setting powder (light and dark shade) to bake my face. Then I apply my highlighter and bronzer to get that look. Last but not the least the lipstick-my favorite. I line my lip with a lip liner (brownish nude) and on top of that I use a pink nude lipstick. I finish up the look with a setting spray.

That’s it guys.

Please make sure to leave a comment. Let’s hear what you think. xx


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