12 things a lady should always have in her purse

As ladies having a little bit of backup doesn’t hurt.
As for me, without my bag I wouldn’t be able to get through my day. Why?
Because there are so many important things in it.

1. A mirror – I can’t go a second without checking how I look in a mirror. Have to maintain that beauty.

2. Charger or Power bank – Waiting for an important call but your phone is about to die. Having a power bank solves the problem.

3. Pad / Tampons – You could be in desperate need of one, or your friend could be in need of one. Make sure to carry extras just in case. You wouldn’t want to give out your last.

4. Tissue / Handkerchief – Never know when you’ll need it.

5. Makeup – I never leave the house without my powder and favorite lipstick. You might want to touch up that makeup to keep looking gorgeous all through the day.

6. Hand sanitizer – Hygiene is very important to me. There are places that you touch that you just need a sanitizer. Like a subway or when you’re riding a bus.

7. Safety Pins – You could use this when you popped a button.

8. Hair accessories – An hair pin or hair packer. You may need this when you feel like your hair should be up and not down.

9. Breath mints – Bad breaths are the worst. Always have a mint on you.

10. Lotion – Keep your skin looking smooth and soft with a little bit of moisturizer.

11. Ear pieces – I don’t know about you but I listen to my favorite mix while on the move.

12. Note pad / pen – You might want to quickly jot down something important like a guy’s number 😉



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