Why you should begin your makeup with primer

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Primer is a very important necessity in the makeup process. Our skin can be really oily when we apply makeup. That is why before we apply any kind of makeup, primer should be used. It helps the makeup last longer by smoothing lines and pores.

In order for your makeup to set, especially for those with oily skin, apply this on before you begin any process.
But if you don’t have one you could as well prime your face by exfoliating your skin. The major idea is to get a lasting makeup for the day.

Having an oily skin could be a problem for many of us. The makeup could end up looking really greasy and we want to avoid that. So applying face primer before you start your makeup wouldn’t hurt.

Applying eye primer and concealer under the eye is also very effective.
Making use of the eye primer allows to a more defined eyeshadow look. Adding a little bit of concealer under the eye removes any dark spots and reduces eye bags.
For a finishing touch spray your makeup with your favourite brand of setting spray.

And keep looking flawless ladies.

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