How to get cheap makeup

Buying makeup can be really expensive; I should know because I’m a very big lover of makeup. Keeping up with beauty trends is not easy. The only thing that can come between you and that high-end sephora product is the price.

An easy way to get cheap makeup is by signing up for discount codes and Participating in giveaways. One way to participate in giveaways and win amazing prizes is by downloading the Mercari app.

Usually in the giveaway contest you will be asked to repost or retweet; depending on the social media platform or be asked to get much likes on the picture you reposted. They are very easy steps.

You can follow @beautydoll @radglow for giveaways.

Tip: Let’s say you hear about a makeup store from a friend that sells really cheap product and you want to check it out, be careful not to buy a fake product. Some of these retailers can buy a fake product and pass it off as original.

If there are other ways to get cheap makeup, please share. Thanks xx

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