Almost everyday of our lives we seem to make one mistake or the other. Be it a tiny mistake- maybe you broke a glass cup; or a big mistake whereas you made the wrong decision which you regret for a really long time. There is that one mistake you don’t not want to repeat.

I have made a lot of mistake in my life and I mean a lot. Pretty scary how some of these tiny mistakes make you see things differently.

People say the best way to learn something is to experience it through life. Uhh I think NOT!

“You make a mistake so that next time you wouldn’t repeat it” True that!

So we all need to learn from our mistakes. When I’m talking mistake I mean decisions we were too afraid or chicken to take. You made a mistake by not going for what you wanted. “Oh! I should have done this or that”. “I made a huge mistake not going for….”

Is it a life decision you need to take? I say do it now.

Here are some mistakes you do not want to repeat.

1. Not approaching the guy/girl you like -common people it’s not that difficult to meet someone to tell them how you feel. You have to have courage. Life is too short to coward away from confessing your love for someone. Maybe you weren’t able to try last year (2016) but this is a new year and a new beginning, I say go for it. If it isn’t too late now.

2. Exploring your abilities -last year you didn’t have the chance to figure yourself out, figure out who you are and what you’re capable of. But this year is another chance for you to do so. Don’t wait around for your talent to find you.

3. Achieving your goal(s) – make this year your year of progress. Is there something you have always wanted to achieve but haven’t?  You still have a chance. Set out a plan, the means by which you want to achieve these set goals. Then head for the win.

4.Applying for your dream job – just because they pay less than the other doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. Sometimes it’s not all about money but doing what you love.  You never know what might happen;  you might become your own boss from there and get off that low salary. Just have in mind that you start from somewhere and get to where you want. If the job is still open or there’s an even better one, don’t make the same mistake by not applying.  I say go for it.

5. Marrying the one you love- if you haven’t popped the question I suggest you do it now before it’s too late. There’s still a chance for you in 2017.

6. Procastination – if you do your shopping online like i do and there’s a dress you’ve wanted but didn’t have the time to order I suggest you find time before it goes out of stock. You wouldn’t want that.  Please change,  always find the time to do things even the littlest ones.


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