5 fashion stylists you can get your ootd idea from

Everyday we wake up from sleep, we either have some place to go, one meeting or the other to attend, or someone we need to see. But sometimes we get confused about what type of outfit to put on.

We go through so many clothes in our wardrobe and still say we have nothing to wear. When truly we are just finding it difficult to combine a single outfit. So here I have 10 fashion stylists to give you fashion inspiration everyday.

  1. JUNE AMBROSE– A creative director, author, costume designer, celebrity stylist, mom and social media expert, with over 1 million followers across her multiple social media platforms, is one to start with. She has built a career for her self through her fearless spirit in fashion. you could check her instagram @juneambrose.
  2. MISA HYLTON- BRIM – A fashion designer to look at. she is creative, a mother, fashion stylist and entrepreneur. index546
  3. OOTDFASH– Not so much of a fashion designer, but it is a great place to get your fashion inspiration for the day.
  4. AIMEE VICTORIA STYLING– check out this page on instagram for more ideas. it is an online beauty and fashion page that gives the best personal styling services in London. So in case you are looking for a personal stylist, try them out.
    Last but not the least- Susan Moses. Throughout her admirable career Susan has been called visual merchandiser, dresser, model, stylist, editor, blogger (like me) and spokesperson.

So there you go. Check them out and you would have ideas flowing through your head every morning.


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