You won't believe the amount of makeup I apply on my face everyday. Don't get me wrong, I don't need to apply makeup everyday- I can leave my house looking natural as ever and still look beautiful- but if I want to look extra extra beautiful, I do apply makeup. Applying all these different products … Continue reading MY EVERYDAY GO-TO AFTER MAKEUP SOLUTION

5 fashion stylists you can get your ootd idea from

Everyday we wake up from sleep, we either have some place to go, one meeting or the other to attend, or someone we need to see. But sometimes we get confused about what type of outfit to put on. We go through so many clothes in our wardrobe and still say we have nothing to … Continue reading 5 fashion stylists you can get your ootd idea from

5 ways to improve on your makeup game

I'm pretty sure most of us weren't so good at makeup at first- I wasn't.  I would spend hours practicing by the mirror. I wanted to learn by force. I couldn't even draw a perfect brow or line my eyes would take a long time for me to get it right because I kept … Continue reading 5 ways to improve on your makeup game

Outfit: Simple But Chic

I know a lot of us girls or women find it hard to put together a simple- at the same time classy outfit when stepping out for the day. It's pretty frustrating when you have a wardrobe filled with dresses but still have nothing to wear. I mean it's mind blowing, right! People may think … Continue reading Outfit: Simple But Chic


Almost everyday of our lives we seem to make one mistake or the other. Be it a tiny mistake- maybe you broke a glass cup; or a big mistake whereas you made the wrong decision which you regret for a really long time. There is that one mistake you don't not want to repeat. I … Continue reading 6 MISTAKES YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO REPEAT IN 2017


'Tis the season of giving. So guys, we all celebrate Christmas in our own special way, with family and friends and during this holiday period, there is giving and there is receiving. Everyone wants to be given a little something not just for giving sake but to know that they are not forgotten and are … Continue reading HOLIDAY + MAKEUP WISHLIST

An Explanation – Late Post

hi guys, I know it's been a while since I have made a post and I am really sorry guys. Do not mean to disappoint my readers but I have got a good explanation. At first, I was just caught up in school work, projects, term papers, assignments plus the examination at the end of … Continue reading An Explanation – Late Post