NYFW+Style Trends

Hey guys, we all know that New york Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion event to happen. It's where different designers showcase their wonderful designs and where top fashion critics, bloggers and top VIPs come to watch the models on the runway. Amazing right? Here are some of the collection and their designers. … Continue reading NYFW+Style Trends

How to get cheap makeup

Buying makeup can be really expensive; I should know because I'm a very big lover of makeup.┬áKeeping up with beauty trends is not easy. The only thing that can come between you and that high-end sephora product is the price. An easy way to get cheap makeup is by signing up for discount codes and … Continue reading How to get cheap makeup

Always update your cosmetics

Hey guys, I can't remember when last I spent some cash on a little makeup. So yesterday I decided to update my makeup bag and got a little makeup. Makeup: Kiss beauty foundation illuminating primer waterproof Ushas bronzer for face and body Milani cream to powder makeup Mels eyeshadow L.A. girl pro.concealer medium beige, beautiful … Continue reading Always update your cosmetics

Why you should begin your makeup with primer

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Primer is a very important necessity in the makeup process. Our skin can be really oily when we apply makeup. That is why before we apply any kind of makeup, primer should be used. It helps the makeup last longer by smoothing lines and pores. In order for your … Continue reading Why you should begin your makeup with primer

12 things a lady should always have in her purse

As ladies having a little bit of backup doesn't hurt. As for me, without my bag I wouldn't be able to get through my day. Why? Because there are so many important things in it. 1. A mirror - I can't go a second without checking how I look in a mirror. Have to maintain … Continue reading 12 things a lady should always have in her purse

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I've been out for a while- back to school. When I'm heading to class, I apply my makeup really early like an hour before class starts. The reason is simple; I take my time applying my makeup so my makeup doesn't look all messy. Here is how I … Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Routine

4 Makeup looks- Everyone Is Doing It!

Glamour, style and beauty maketh a woman. Everyone is on that latest fashion and beauty magazine, no one wants to be in last place. I'm not all about the rainbow coloured eyeshadow. I'm more of a natural but fierce kinda gal. But I've got five looks everyone is copying. Smokey lookit's daring, it's dark, it's … Continue reading 4 Makeup looks- Everyone Is Doing It!